Bunch riding

Safety first

When riding in a bunch, there’s a lot to think about, to ensure your safety and that of others around you.

We want everyone to get home safely, so please take the time to read our practical guide to the safety considerations and etiquette of Bunch Riding.

Before coming along

Before your first ride with us, there are a few things you should consider.

Every Rider

Juniors and adults should have either a BNSW membership, or CA ride/race licence for insurance reasons. Responsibility for this insurance is always yours.


Juniors are expected to ride with their parents. -Talk to the ride leader about the right group for your child.

Parents who can’t keep up with their child;

  1. require two adults (other than the ride leader) to commit to looking out for your child. -One adult to drop back for a child in need, while the other adult looks after the other two children.
  2. require approval from the ride leader before every ride.
  3. should be available as a support person from Lilies Cafe. -If any rider (not just your child) has mechanical issues that can’t be resolved, we may call on you to drive over and rescue them.
  4. should exchange mobile numbers with the ride leader.


Adult members are always encouraged to join either group and help keep young riders safe. -Talk to the ride leader about the right group for you.


Slower / Younger Juniors

Typically a ride out to Parramatta and back utilising bike paths for young riders. Route may vary depending on conditions and attendance. This is a fun ride, the kids shouldn’t realise that they are training 🙂

Faster / Older Juniors and Adults

Pace line around Sydney Olympic Park. This is a training ride utilising “on-road” painted bike paths and some light traffic roads.


Optional, but encouraged to reward riders for a healthy lifestyle.