Learn To Ride Program

The Neo Learn-To-Ride Program is perfect for anxious non-riders.

Our experienced coaches have most* riders up and going in their first session and begin sharpening their skills in the second session.

*Every rider is different. Some are sharpening their skills within the first lesson while others need more time.


One-on-one lessons start at $66 – $79 per lesson. Two lessons will get most kids up and running

3 x One Hour Lessons

$66 per lesson.

$48 deposit, plus $150 payable on arrival. Total $198. –Save $39

Best for parents who;

  • are confident their kids will need extra time.
  • would like their kids to progress through to the advanced level.

2 x One Hour Lessons

$69 per lesson. (Recommended)

$38 deposit, plus $100 payable on arrival. Total $138. – Save $20

The double pack suits most non-riders.

1 x One Hour Lesson

$79 per lesson.

$29 deposit, plus $50 payable on arrival. Total $79.

Best for parents who;

  • are confident their kids will acquire the skills quickly.
  • prefer to pay as they go.


There are four levels of achievement. Riders are taught at their own pace. A rider demonstrating competency early is accelerated to the next level, likewise a rider may take a little longer if they need to.


Most kids start here. Non-riders include those who;

  • who have never attempted to ride a bike before.
  • will not ride a bike without training wheels.
  • need someone to hold their bike while they ride.

These riders typically require two lessons to ride a bike independently. -You can buy a third lesson later if they need more time, or buy three lessens (and save). -We can develop them further if they are fast learners.

Basic Rider

Where non-riders learn to ride a bike. They are taught balance, steering, pedalling and braking.

This level is typically achieved in one or two sessions for a non-rider.

Independent Rider

New riders build independence and greater control of their bike.

This level is typically achieved in two or three sessions for a non-rider.

Confident Rider

Riders sharpen their skills between obstacles, over uneven terrain and taught advanced skills to help keep them safe.

This level is typically achieved in three or four sessions for a non-rider.

Safe & Efficient Rider

Where riders develop an awareness of their surroundings & others in a group environment. This is an essential skill to keep them safe when riding among others.


Our program is run at various locations depending on site availability. Please be sure to check the location when making your booking.

Concord – Cintra Park

The nearest parking to court #30 is in Cook Ave, Canada Bay. Cintra Park is on the Concord/Canada Bay Boundary.

Where to next?

We recommend putting your new rider’s skill into practice as soon as they graduate from the Learn-To-Ride program. That means going for a ride with them in a safe environment or continuing through our very affordable group environment program.

This helps to reinforce their skills while they are still fresh in their mind.

Our Top Gear group environment allows emerging riders to put their new skills into practice with other riders of a similar ability in a car free setting.

Priced at $12 per session.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact one of our instructors on 0431 814 917. We will be happy to discuss your child’s needs or answer any questions you may have.