Learn To Ride

The Neo Learn-To-Ride program is the perfect way to transition from a non-rider to a confident young rider.

One rider, one coach

One-on-one lessons are ideal to learn the skills of riding a bike in a short period. The four basic skills are balance, steering, pedalling and braking.

The vast majority of non-riders learn these skills in two x 1 hour lessons.

Some riders learn them in the first lesson and then perfect their skills in the second lesson while others may need a little more.

Learn-to-Ride Program

Neo Cycling Club has partnered with Kids On Bikes to deliver a Learn-to-Ride package for just $100.

Better still, pay nothing when you redeem your Active Kids voucher.

Our Learn-to-Ride package provides your first one-on-one lesson to suit your child’s needs. Once they are able to ride independently, they can ride with other emerging riders at our group training sessions.

What you receive:

Your $100 Learn-to-Ride package includes the following.

First one-on-one lesson

A one hour lesson provided by a dedicated Kids on Bikes coach. Valued at $80.

Neo season registration

A season registration to Neo Cycling Club will provide a safe environment for your emerging rider. Valued at $45 per season.

First Neo group training session

An opportunity to practice new skills with other emerging riders. Valued at $6 to $10 per session.

What you don’t receive:

Additional one-on-one lessons.

Riding comes naturally for some, so not every rider requires a second lesson. -The Kids on Bikes team will let you know if your young rider needs additional lessons. Lessons cost $80 per hour.

Additional group coaching.

Group coaching is a great way to reinforce an emerging rider’s skills with other riders who are starting out. Additional sessions cost as little as $6 each when paid by the term, or $10 on a casual basis.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact the Kids on Bikes provider, Gay Watson, on 0403 147 166 before enrolling. You should:

  • discuss your child’s needs.
  • get a rough idea of availability.
  • ask any other questions (see our FAQ’s before calling).

How to enrol:

  1. Redeem your NSW Active Kids voucher.
    Tap on the NSW Active Kids site and follow the instructions.

  2. Register for your child’s first lesson.
    2.1 Visit the Neo Payment System

    2.2 Tap on “Register”.

    2.3 Enter your child’s name, date of birth, and your Active Kid’s Discount code that was emailed to you.

  3. Schedule your first lesson.
    Call Gay Watson on 0403 147 166 to schedule a time.