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Come and pin on a race number and experience the thrill of club racing, regardless of your age or experience. Riders from all clubs are most welcome to come and race with us.

From 4 year old’s on balance bikes, to school kids, young adults, and middle-aged mums and dads (reliving their youth), we’ve got a race for you!


Safety is paramount, as such all of our racing is conducted on car-free circuits and is a fabulous way to develop bike skills, confidence and fitness.

Beginners welcome

Beginners of all ages are welcome to come along and give it a try.

Any bike and a helmet will do

…to Div 1

Club Points Series

We run a Sunday afternoon Club Points Series for the Road Racing Season (April – September) and the Track Racing Season (October – March).

Each season typically consists of 16 Rounds, and riders accumulate points each week, based on their results in each race.

Club Championships

Towards the end of each Road and Track Season we run our Club Championships.

InterSchool Cycling – Student Championships

For several years we have run the InterSchool Cycling – Student Championships, for both Road and Track.

These popular events are open to all school students, regardless of whether or not they are a member of any cycling club.


Road racing

Our Road Races are run at Lansdowne Reserve, a car-free, 2km criterium circuit that runs through bushland.

Lansdowne is a great circuit and offers a mix of fast corners, two small hills, and a fast finishing straight. A short, flattish configuration is available for novice riders.

Track racing

Our Track Races are run at Lidcombe Oval on a slightly banked, outdoor 426m velodrome.

The track was resurfaced in 2014 and is considered one of the smoothest outdoor tracks in NSW. It has plenty of space making it very safe for new riders to develop.


Entries are open to all club members, as well as members of other cycling clubs.

To enter, simply turn up on the day, join as a ‘Casual member’ (Kids $14 / Adults $25 – includes first race), or pre-pay entries for a full season (for better value for money).

To enter, click here and register.

Race format

Road – April to September

Our Juniors racing is aimed at riders usually <12 years. The format is a blend of racing and skills development.

We run a Time Trial, as well as a skills event and a short crit / handicap race. Older Neo Junior riders may also stay back and race in the Div 4 crit, if they wish.

We offer crit racing across Divisions 1 – 4 for experienced juniors and seniors.

Div 4 – 25 min + 1 lap (3.00pm)

Div 3 – 30 min + 1 lap (3.00pm)

Div 2 – 40 min + 1 lap (3.45pm)

Div 1 – 45 min + 1 lap (3.45pm)

Track – October to March

Each Sunday you are guaranteed the opportunity to race four times.

Races are typically graded A, B, C and D, based on rider speed and experience.

Typically we start with an Individual Time Trial, followed by a Scratch Race, and a Handicap Race.


Kids attending Neo should be able to ride a bike by themselves, without the support of an adult or training wheels.

It is ok for them to struggle a little with mounting and dismounting as these are skills which will be taught and developed. They should at a minimum be able to use the brakes, ride holding their bike in a straight line and be comfortable to ride with other kids around them.

Kids on training wheels and kids who need an adult to support them are encouraged to contact Kids on Bikes to transition them to ride independently before attending Neo.

What type of bike?

For Neo Juniors, come and race on whatever bike you’ve got – balance bike, BMX, mountain bike, track bike, or road bike.

Alternatively, rent one of ours for the day or the Season.

There is no charge if you want to try a few bikes for sizing purposes over a few rounds. Likewise, there is no charge if you want to try a track bike for a couple of weeks.

Resist the urge to buy a new bike for yourself or your kids until you speak with Gay Watson (our Head Coach) or Ian Watson (our Mechanic), as they can give you the best advice on what type bike and sizing to get.

For safety reasons we don’t mix track bikes and any other type of bikes on the velodrome at the same time.


Neo Juniors – Sign-on from 1.00pm – 1.45pm, racing from 2.00pm – 3.00pm.

Neo Crits – Sign-on from 2.30pm, racing from 3.00pm.

Neo Track – Sign-on from 2.00pm, racing from 3.00pm.

To ensure you have enough time to sign-on, stick on your number, pump up tyres and have a warm-up, please arrive early.

Racing concludes with our weekly prize giving.


All announcements regarding racing, locations, and weather cancellations are made via email to all members (from our RevolutioniseSport platform) and the club’s Facebook page.