Track Racing

We run a Sunday afternoon Club Points Series for the Track Racing Season (October – March).

Spin to win

Riding a track bike is one of purest forms of cycling.

Fixed gear, single speed bikes, where riders jockey for the best track position and seek to out sprint and outlast their competitors. It’s chess on wheels and there’s a track race for every type of rider – from short sprints to endurance events!

Racing takes place on velodromes, specially built oval-shaped banked tracks, which are thrilling for both riders and spectators.

Here’s a great article on Track Racing 101 – everything you need to know.

Beginners welcome

Beginners of all ages are welcome to come along and give it a try.

Skill development

Learning to ride a track bike is a great way to develop your cycling skills, at any age, and will undoubtedly help your road cycling, as a junior or an adult.

Track cycling teaches you to pedal smoothly and efficiently, and feel confident riding and racing in close quarters to other riders. It also teaches you to sprint and ‘read the race’ and anticipate the tactics of the other riders.

Start outdoors

Our home track at Lidcombe Oval, is a fantastic place to learn to ride a track bike. Outdoor velodromes, like Lidcombe, tend to be longer tracks and less steep than their indoor counterparts, such as Dunc Gray Velodrome.

Lidcombe Oval, velodrome

Then ride the boards

Once you are confident racing outdoors, its time to ride the ‘boards’ indoors at Dunc Gray Velodrome.

An exhilarating experience sure to put a smile on your face.

Neo has been a long term supporter of the RAW (Race All Winter) Track Series and we encourage our riders to support the Winter Series (at DGV) and the Xmas Carnivals.


Lidcombe Oval

Our Track Races are run at Lidcombe Oval on a slightly banked, outdoor 426m velodrome.

The track was resurfaced in 2014 and is considered one of the smoothest outdoor tracks in NSW. It has plenty of space making it very safe for new young riders to develop.

Dunc Gray Velodrome (DGV), Bass Hill

We also support many events run at Dunc Gray Velodrome , which hosted track cycling for the Sydney Olympics.

DGV is an iconic indoor 250 metre velodrome, comprising 60 km of Baltic Pine boards. The bends are at 42 degrees, and the straights at 12.5 degrees, ensuring tight and fast racing!


Entries to our Sunday racing are open to anyone. Best of all your first entry is free.

To enter, simply turn up on the day, pay as a ‘Casual Rider’ (Kids $14 / Adults $25 – includes first race).

Season Rider (open to anyone) only pay $7/$15 for kids/adults, and the pricing drastically reduces if you pre-pay for the season.

To enter, click here. -Don’t forget to enter the discount code: “FirstTimeFree” when you sign up for the first time.

What type of bike?

Adults are restricted to track bikes. -If you don’t have one, we’ll loan you one to see if you like it.

Kids can race on whatever bike you’ve got – balance bike, BMX, mountain bike, track bike, or road bike. -We can help you transition your kids to track bikes over time.

There is no charge if you want to try a few bikes for sizing purposes over a few rounds. Likewise, there is no charge if you want to try a track bike for a couple of weeks.

Alternatively, rent one of ours for the Season.

Resist the urge to buy a new bike for yourself or your kids until you speak with Gay Watson (our Head Coach) or Ian Watson (our Mechanic), as they can give you the best advice on what type bike and sizing to get.

For safety reasons we don’t mix track bikes and any other type of bikes on the velodrome at the same time.


Sign-on from 2pm, racing from 3pm.

To ensure you have enough time to sign-on, pin on your number, pump up tyres and have a warm-up, please arrive by 2.30pm.

Racing typically concludes by 5pm, with our weekly prize giving.


All announcements regarding racing, locations, and weather cancellations are made via email to all riders (from our RevolutioniseSport platform) and the club’s Facebook group.