Neo Cycling Club is one of Australia’s leading cycling clubs, focused on getting the young (and not so young) on bikes.

For fun. For racing. For life.

Originally formed in 2015, as Junior Cyclist, and rebranded as Neo Cycling Club in January 2020, we continue to evolve.

Neo (Greek, for new or young), embodies both our long-standing commitment to junior development, and our ‘new’ approach to how a cycling club can operate.

We believe

Cycling is a lifelong opportunity and we support our members to ride with confidence, socially or competitively, regardless of their age or grade.

We do that by making cycling inclusive and accessible to all, right across Sydney.

Ride and/or race. Road and/or Track. From balance bikes, to BMX and Mountain Bikes. We’re here to help.

Junior development

We are the largest juniors-focused cycling club in Australia and aim to get more kids on bikes, experiencing the joys of training and racing, whether they have elite aspirations or simply just want to enjoy the camaraderie, social and health benefits of club life.

Juniors are the future of our sport, and our club. Always have been, always will be.

A club to grow with

That said, we are club for all ages and we welcome adults, young and old, to join our ranks.

Many parents of our junior members, also bunch ride and race with us, demonstrating to our juniors that cycling is truly a lifelong opportunity that they can hopefully keep enjoying, in the club, competitively or socially, well into adulthood.