The Club’s insurance

Cycling of any nature, especially racing, involves risk of serious injury or even death, as a result of acts or omissions of the rider, other riders, other vehicles, spectators, pedestrians, obstacles or road conditions.

Riders (or parents on their behalf) accept those risks when competing or training.

The club maintains Public Liability insurance, for the club’s benefit, should we be found liable for any such injuries that occur during any club sanctioned events, including our club racing at Lansdowne Reserve and Lidcombe Oval, and our club training sessions at Lidcombe Oval (only).

What’s not covered?

Please note, the club’s Public Liability insurance DOES NOT COVER YOU when undertaking any ‘personal’ riding or training, including Saturday bunch rides.

As such, on any ‘personal’ rides you may do, you may be liable for any injury you may cause another rider, a pedestrian, or any property damage you may cause (such as running into a car door). You are also not covered for any personal injury that you experience.

Get your own insurance

As such, for additional insurance coverage and benefits, including personal injury cover and your own public liability and third party property damage cover, we strongly recommend that you simultaneously join Neo via AusCycling (Australia’s peak cycling body) and take a ‘Lifestyle’ membership (excludes racing cover) or a ‘Race All Disciplines’ (for racing cover).

You will need a ‘Race All Disciplines’ membership if you wish to race in events organised by other clubs and sanctioned by AusCycling.

Bike insurance

You may also wish to insure your bike(s), for fire, theft, or damage through a specialist bike insurer, such as Velosure. As always, read the PDS before purchasing.

BEWARE, most major Home & Contents insurers will let you specify a bike on a Home & Contents policy, however they typically only cover you for fire, theft or flood damage.

Almost none of these major insurers will cover the bike for damage that occurs whilst riding it, or for racing. Major insurers often have limits or exclusions on theft or damage that occurs when bikes are attached to car bike racks. Once again, read the fine print!