Practice makes progress.

We understand that many of our riders have multiple sporting, school and life commitments. We also know many parents work long hours.

That said, making it to club training one or two nights a week will undoubtedly improve your riding skills and performance.

Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced

From October to March we run training on Tuesday & Thursday nights, at Lidcombe Oval, from 5.45pm to 8pm, and strongly encourage all members to attend as many sessions as life permits.

From April to September we run training on Tuesday evening at Dunc Gray Velodrome for the more experienced riders and Wednesday evening at Lidcombe Oval.

Tap one of the options below for more information:

Club Coaching

Coaching is run by our highly qualified Head Coach, Dacchi Dang, and focuses on a mix of skill and fitness development, race practice and importantly, having some fun!


Motor-pacing for older juniors and adults

We have the motorbike (or ‘derny’, in cycling speak) out on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The purpose of the derny is to provide motor-pacing to riders, helping them to ride at greater intensity and speed, to improve their leg speed (cadence) by allowing them to over-spin their legs.

Learning to ride confidently in a paceline (a group of riders in single-file), behind the derny is an important skill to develop.

What to bring?

Warm clothing (post-training) and a water bottle.

Lidcombe Oval has its own weather pattern – often cool when the sun goes down, even in the Summer months.

Older juniors and adults are encouraged to bring rollers to warm-up on and use when their training group isn’t on the track.


If you’re coming to training join our ‘Training’ Facebook Messenger group to get the latest updates on training, weather cancellations etc.

Training groups

We offer three training groups that have varying levels of rider commitment and coaching support, depending on where you are on your cycling journey and where you want to be.

If you’re just starting you can register as a casual and pay-as-you-go at $12 per session, or pay quarterly in advance for a better deal (pre-payment required for Development and Performance groups).

Coaching Group Summary

The Emerging training group is perfect for riders who are just there to have fun both on and off the bike. They have a chance to learn, develop skills and improve their fitness in a fun environment.

Emerging riders typically attend our regular Tuesday and/or Thursday night training sessions (as often as possible) and our club racing on Sunday afternoons. There’s no expectation of you undertaking additional self-directed training outside of our organised training sessions.

By pre-paying you can access over 20 sessions at a heavily discounted bulk price. -Less than half the cost of a casual visit.

For new riders joining mid-quarter, we offer pro-rata pricing so you don’t have to waste money on the weeks that you have missed.


Our Development group is perfect for riders who wish to compete and improve their performance at club racing or State level carnivals and tours.

This group follows a club training program designed to improve performance, with a peak at State Champs towards the end of the season.

Following the club training program involves attending our regular Tuesday / Thursday night sessions, club racing on Sunday afternoons, and other recommended self-directed training activities during the week.

Riders are encouraged to track their training data online through the likes of Strava, Garmin Connect, or Today’s Plan.


Our Performance group caters for our higher-performance riders, seeking State or National level representation or pathways to elite level. This registration is by ‘expressions of interest’. Talk to one of our coaches to understand the commitment required from a rider and what it takes to be considered.

This registration includes;

  • all our training for the season.
  • a subscription valued at $145 to where you can access your training plan and upload your data.
  • Performance Training Plan and greater Support by our Level 2 AusCycling Coach (Dacchi Dang).
  • access to the Neo Performance group chat.

Training times

What type of bike?

We train on road bikes during road racing season (April to September) and track bikes during track racing season (October to March).

However, any members that aren’t on track bikes yet, may use their road bike year round.

For safety reasons we don’t mix road bikes and track bikes on the velodrome at the same time.

Track bike vs Road bikes


Track Bike

Track bikes are a velodrome specific bike ridden specifically on velodromes. They may only be legally used at a velodrome. -They look similar to road bike but with most of the componentry missing.

As the average person does not own a track bike, the club maintains a large fleet of them for you to try or even borrow long term.


We train on road bikes during road racing season (April to September) and track bikes during track racing season (October to March).

However, any members that aren’t on track bikes yet, may use their road bike year round.

For safety reasons we don’t mix road bikes and track bikes on the velodrome at the same time.

Road Bike
Mountain Bike (MTB)
Flat Bar / Comfort Bike
BMX Bike

Road (Adult)

Technically, only the first bike shown here is a road bike. This is the bike that adults should think of when we talk about adult racing and training.

Road (Junior)

As for the Neo juniors, when we say “road bike” at training and at our weekly events, we are referring to any bike that has a brake, including those with levers and/or back pedal brakes. Such bikes include a mountain bike, comfort/flat bar bike, BMX bike etc.

It is normal for kids to be riding any of these particularly when they are starting out.

Road Rides

Saturday social rides

We run a free Saturday morning social road ride on most weekends. This ride targets, our older juniors and adults.

Check our calendar for contact details if you have any questions.

These rides aim to develop road riding experience, in a reasonably controlled environment, and provide the chance for some longer kilometres in the legs for the older juniors and adults alike.

For the younger juniors, rides are reliant on experienced adults and parents chaperoning the juniors, to help make these rides as safe as possible.


All groups meet at Lilies on the Park (Café), Bicentennial Park, ready to roll at 6.55am (sharp). Back by 9.00am.

Non-riding parents are asked to remain at Lilies Cafe, or go for a walk nearby, so they can lend a hand or come and pick up any riders who are in need.

Pre-ride safety briefing – flashing lights front and back are a must
Ready to roll – come and join us!


We run three groups, based on speed and road riding experience.


30-40kms out to Parramata Park and back. Much of this ride is on bike paths, with some road riding required.


43kms involving some rolling hills on the road through Ermington and laps of Sydney Olympic Park.


60-90kms, with more challenging destinations, Eg Bobbin Head or Brooklyn.

Riders in the fast group need to be self-sufficient with their own spares, lights and enough nutrition to cover a few hours of riding. They also need to have the skills to ride unsupervised.

Bike lights

Flashing lights, front and back, ARE A MUST for these rides.

Day-time lights are proven to improve visbility with drivers and pedestrians.

We recommend you invest and buy good quality lights that are USB rechargeable.

Want to join?

If you would like to join, or to lend a hand as an adult, and/or ride with your kid(s), please speak to our Ride Leaders – Tom Mahon and James Mahon.

To ride with us, you will need to be a current Season Ride member or a Season Ride + Prepaid Entries member. You will also need your own 24/7 insurance via an AusCycling ‘Lifestyle’ or ‘Race All Disciplines’ membership or Bicycle NSW (BNSW) membership.


If you’re coming to Saturday rides join our ‘Saturday Rides’ Facebook Messenger group to get the latest updates on training, weather cancelations etc. Any questions, speak to Gay, Tom or James.

Safety first

When riding in a bunch, there’s a lot to think about, to ensure your safety and that of others around you.

We want everyone to get home safely, so please take the time to read our practical guide to the safety considerations and etiquette of Bunch Riding.

Before coming along

Before your first ride with us, there are a few things you should consider.

Every Rider

Juniors and adults MUST have either a BNSW membership, or AusCycling ride/race licence for insurance reasons. Responsibility for this insurance is always yours.


All juniors U13 and below are expected to ride with their parents in the slow or medium groups. -Talk to the ride leader about the right group for your child.

Parents who can’t keep up with their child:

  1. require two adults (other than the ride leader) to commit to looking out for your child. -One adult to drop back for a child in need, while the other adult looks after the other children.
  2. require approval from the ride leader before every ride.
  3. should be available as a support person from Lilies Cafe. -If any rider (not just your child) has mechanical issues that can’t be resolved, we may call on you to drive over and rescue them.
  4. should exchange mobile numbers with the ride leader.

Juniors U15 and above may attend the fast group as long as they can ride without adult supervision. Riders spread out on the bigger rides and can’t all be watched at the same time.

Please note: Not all U15/U17 riders possess the skills to ride unsupervised. Both the parent and the ride leader need to feel comfortable about your child riding in this group.

Your child’s responsibility is always yours.


Parents are always encouraged to join. We always need more adults to help keep young riders safe. -Talk to the ride leader about the right group for you.


Optional, but encouraged to reward riders for a healthy lifestyle.

The best way to end any ride

Virtual Training

Neo quickly adapted to Zwift training during the corona virus lockdown. Visit our Zwift page to learn more about our virtual training.