Practice makes progress.

We run training on Tuesday and Thursday nights, almost year round, at Lidcombe Oval, from 6.00pm to 7.30pm, and strongly encourage all members to attend as many sessions as life permits.

Training is run by our highly experienced Head Coach, Gay Watson, and focuses on a mix of skill and fitness development, race practice and importantly, having some fun!

We understand that many of our kids have multiple sporting, school and life commitments. We also know many parents work long hours, and need to travel right across Sydney.

That said, making it to training one or two nights a week will undoubtedly improve your child’s riding skills and performance.

Road bike vs Track bike

We train on road bikes during road racing season (April to September) and track bikes during track racing season (October to March).

However, any members that aren’t on track bikes yet, may use their road bike year round.

For safety reasons we don’t mix road bikes and track bikes on the velodrome at the same time.


We aim to get the motorbike (or ‘derny’, in cycling speak) out on Thursday nights. The purpose of the derny is to provide motor-pacing to riders, helping them to ride at greater intensity and speed, to improve their leg speed (cadence) by allowing them to over-spin their legs.

Learning to ride confidently in a paceline (a group of riders in single-file), behind the derny is an important skill to develop.

Derny motor-pacing

What to bring?

Warm clothing (post-training) and a water bottle.

Lidcombe Oval has its own weather pattern – often cool when the sun goes down, even in the Summer months.

Older kids and adults are encouraged to bring rollers to warm-up on and use when their training group isn’t on the track.


If you’re coming to training join our ‘Training’ Facebook Messenger group to get the latest updates on training, weather cancelations etc. Any questions, speak to Gay.


Training fees are charged per school term and are payable directly to our Head Coach, Gay Watson.

Fees may be pre-paid for each term, or be paid on a casual / per session, basis.

Casual – $10 a session

Pre-pay (1 night per week) – $70 per term

Pre-pay (2 nights per week) – $120 per term