Why Neo?

After 5 successful years as Junior Cyclist, we have decided to rebrand. We hope you like it!

Despite our longstanding, and continued focus on ‘junior development’ we realise that our Junior Cyclist brand has become too restrictive, when in fact our oldest ‘juniors’ will be adults shortly!

As such, we have evolved our club branding to ensure it remains relevant to our members, especially as they grow. Plus we also have an increasing number of adult members, mainly parents.

Neo (Greek, for new or young), embodies both our long-standing commitment to junior development, and our ‘new’ approach to how a cycling club can operate. Additionally, in pro-cycling speak, young, first-year professionals are called ‘neo-pros’.


To be one of Australia‚Äôs leading cycling clubs, with a sustained focus on junior development, by making cycling inclusive and accessible to all. Cycling is a lifelong gift, and we support our members to ride with confidence, socially or competitively, regardless of their age or grade. 

A club to grow with

Many of you will have seen more adults racing over the past year, as we’ve encouraged parents to start competing.

We’ve done this for a number of reasons.

Firstly, we want to ensure that our oldest juniors have quality racing experiences each week, by mixing it with adults (even against over-the-hill ones..).

Secondly, although kids may not want to see their parents in lycra (!), we want our juniors to see that cycling is a lifelong gift that they can hopefully keep enjoying, in the club, competitively or socially, well into adulthood.