Email – Member System

Be sure to keep your email up to date in our RevolutioniseSport membership management system. You can nominate multiple email addresses. Can’t get back in? The ‘forgot login details’ process works well.

Typical UseOfficial Announcements, weather cancellations with an hours notice from gates open / sign-on.
Recipients(A) members from the last three seasons, ie the current season, last season, and this time last year.

(B) Past members
Frequency(A) Approximately twice a month.

(B) Approximately twice a year.
Unsubscribe?Yes. Check the footer of the last email from us.

Email – Mailchimp

Typical UseBimonthly Newsletters via Mailchimp
RecipientsCurrent & past members, as well as non-member self subscribers.
FrequencyApproximately six times a year.
Unsubscribe?Yes. Check the footer of the last newsletter from us.


Typical UseUrgent message. Eg the venue is unusable because a tree has fallen across the track.
RecipientsCurrent members only.
FrequencyWe’ve used it twice in six seasons.

Facebook Page

Our FB “page” is where Neo Admins make social media posts. Facebook users may respond to posts with comments and questions.

Non-Facebook users can look around annonymously.

The Page URL is:

Facebook Group

Our FB “group” is where you can make social media posts. You can ask questions, and make posts on anything that might interest the group.

You don’t need to be a Neo member to join this group.

Non-Facebook users cannot access this page.

The Group URL is:

Facebook Messenger

Sometimes we use Facebook Messenger for logistical reasons. Eg, organising a group ride or where to meet for dinner when we are touring. Messenger is great for that, but please don’t post photos there.

Every photo posted in messenger is a wasted marketing opportunity. Use the Facebook Group to post photos.


You don’t need an Instagram account to see our pics:

Social Media Etiquette

Most of us know how to behave on social media by now:

  • If you’re post is nice, go nuts.
  • If not, don’t post.
  • If you think its a grey area, don’t post.

Positive posts only

Please don’t post to the group if you can’t make it to training or racing for whatever reason. -It can have a herd effect.

If you feel you need to let someone know (eg the coach), send them a direct message.