One revolution

AusCycling has gearing restrictions for junior cyclists, for all junior events conducted under AusCycling Technical Regulations on the Road or Track.

The restrictions referred to is the distance one revolution of the crank arm will propel the bicycle in a straight line, when it is in its biggest (hardest) gear. This process is commonly known as ‘roll-out’.

Our approach

We support the use of roll-out restrictions, however we don’t enforce this on a week-to-week basis.

However, we do enforce roll-out for our Club Championships and Interschool Cycling Championships.


The restrictions achieve two objectives:

  • Help ensure that young developing body joints will not be damaged by pushing huge gears.
  • Help ensure young riders will learn to spin their legs efficiently, at a high cadence, which is an essential skill.

The restrictions also seek to create a more level playing field for all riders, acknowledging that children of the same age can be vastly different sizes and have different leg strength.

Maximum roll-out

AgeMaximum roll-outGear combinations (assuming 23mm tyres). Note – 25mm tyres add ~3cm to rollout
J9/11/135.50 m42 x 16
J156.10 m40 x 14
J177.00 m46 x 14

A number of different gear combinations can suit each criteria. 

It must be noted that this is a guide only and the actual distance covered will be dependent upon wheel size, brand and type of tyre fitted, and tyre pressure, therefore the rider must ensure compliance by measuring their own ‘roll-out’. Always ensure the tyres are pumped up to race pressure before rolling-out.

Blocking-off options

Riders may have their gears ‘blocked-off’, on the front and/or rear derailleur, to restrict their ‘roll-out’.

Race day

For all AusCycling events, Club Championships and Interschool Cycling Championships, riders are required to have their bike rolled-out and verified by a Commissaire (Marshall), before the start of racing.

Depending on the event, winners and place getters may be required to roll-out their bike again at the conclusion of the race, to ensure that their bike has not been adjusted, to give them an unfair advantage.

At some events, riders are not permitted to take their bike away from the marshalling area, once it has been rolled-out. Under such circumstances, riders will typically warm up on rollers inside the marshalling area.

Commissaire confirming the bike’s roll-out on the event’s measuring device

Always check

Don’t attempt this at home, unless you are experienced. Always check your roll-out with our club mechanic, Ian Watson, before racing.

Ian on the tools