Getting Started

Can you teach us to ride a bike?

Do I need a special licence?

Do I need a special bike?


I’m not sure about this, can I try for free?

Can I attend on a casual basis?

Is a Season registration cheaper?

Can I save time and money by pre-paying?

Can I use my $100 Active Kids voucher?

Are there discounts for family members?

Does the club rent bikes?


Do riders have to train & race?

Can anyone train with Neo?

When does Neo train?

How much does training cost?

Weekly club events

Do riders have to mix with cars?

Can new riders keep up with the others?

What is the wet weather policy?

Riders from other clubs

Are Cycling Australia and Triathlon Australia members covered at Neo events?

Do I need to be a member to roll with Neo?

If I bring a friend, do they have to become a Neo rider under CA/CNSW?

Do riders from other clubs enjoy the same benefits?


Is cycling dangerous?

Does the club have insurance?

What’s not covered in the insurance?

Do I need to get my own insurance?

Should I get insurance for my bike?

Championship Events

How do the age categories work?

How do I calculate the winter age category?

How do I calculate the summer age category?

What does roll-out mean?

Links & Terminology

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