Changes to Training & Racing

Please be aware of the following Covid-19 expectations before attending training or racing as of 11 October 2021, in line with requirements for sport in NSW.

What is the main difference this season?

Evidence of vaccination or exemption. Do not arrive thinking you will figure it out while standing in the queue.

Get it sorted before you leave home. If it takes a while for the IT guy, it will take even longer for the average Jo.

Here is a link to help you:

Will I need to check in with a QR code?

Yes. Not just the adult signing in, but their partner who is still unpacking the car and any dependents present. Please leave the Service NSW app open on your screen for verification at sign-on.

Who can attend?

Any rider or spectator with evidence of either;

  • double vaccination.
  • medical exemption.

Any rider or spectator who is under 16 and accompanied by an adult from their household with evidence of double vaccination.

If you are feeling unwell, stay home until you can get tested or visit a doctor. Follow their advice before returning.

What kind of evidence is accepted?

At the time of writing, the examples below were the only acceptable forms of evidence. Since that time, Service NSW has made it easier to provide evidence. See the following link for details.

Any of the examples mandated by the public health order will be accepted on the day.

If you have any other type of exemption, please work with your GP to provide one of the twelve authorised exemptions shown here.

Please don’t expect volunteers to research the validity of any other type of exemption you may have on the day -they are already tasked with duties on the day.

Feel free to contact us well before the day if you have any questions. You may need to allow time to work with your GP and Service NSW.

Is physical distancing required?


Should I bring a face mask?

Yes, unless exempt. -You may need to wear it indoors to use the bathroom, or help in the canteen.

Why are the rules so tough?

The rules are mandated by a public health order. It is a condition placed upon us in order to host our event.

Covid Officer

Head Covid Officer: Gay Watson – Duties will be delegated to the following people:

DayCovid Officer
TuesdayRiki Cannon
ThursdaySinclair Taylor
SundaySign-on desk