Changes to Training

Please be aware of the following Covid-19 expectations before attending training as of 9 June 2020.

  1. Do not attend if you or any of your family members show any symptoms of Covid-19.
  2. Report to Covid Officer on arrival so that all attendees are recorded. Please wait until s/he has finished recording.
  3. Tyres should already be pumped and ready to go. -No shared pump available at training.
  4. Riders should be dressed and ready to train. -No change facilities available.
  5. Groups are limited to 20 people, a third group may be created if required.
  6. Please bring camping chairs for all attendees (adults and riders). We naturally start off 1.5 metres apart, but human nature brings us together as we begin to socialise. Planting chairs 1.5 metres apart will help:
    i) prevent us from creeping closer together.
    ii) prevent us from leaning on the fence (that others have already touched).
  7. Riders with rollers should have a camping chair placed in front of rollers.
  8. Bags may be left with parents.
    i) Please take water bottles to be left with the rider’s rollers/camping chair.
    ii) Please bring multiple water bottles to avoid refilling on site.
  9. We will wipe down horizontal rails for roller set up. Rollers may not be shared outside of family bubbles to avoid the work involved in wiping down fence rail between every warm up/down. (unless we have volunteers for that role).
  10. Where possible, parents who have a kid in each group should join the parent group that has fewer parents.
  11. Riders should stop and start on the track without touching the fence.

Covid Logistics

Head Covid Officer: Gay Watson – Duties will be delegated to the following people:

DayCovid Officer
TuesdayRiki Cannon
ThursdaySinclair Taylor

One group will be on the velodrome at a time. Gay and Stel will manage groups over the radio.

Pre-Training Expectations

Head Covid Officer will have (or delegated):

  • Horizontal rails in grandstand area and near the lockup (old toilet block) to be wiped with disinfectant for riders using rollers.
  • Hand sanitiser to be supplied near each roller area.
  • UHF Radios to be disinfected.