Zwifting With Neo

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Zwift is a hugely popular app that gamifies indoor training and racing, in a very engaging way. It’s real physical exercise in a virtual world, measuring a rider’s power output (Watts/kg) to propel your avatar onscreen, and is used by pro cycling teams and amateurs alike.

At any time of the day there are 5,000 – 15,000 riders from across the globe simultaneously using the app; riding at their own pace, riding in pre-organised group rides (Meetups in Zwift speak), or racing.

Each day, riders are offered the choice of two virtual worlds to ride in – Watopia (always available) and a ‘guest’ world (changes daily), so there’s plenty of options in the courses and type of riding you want to do.

Get Zwifting at home

Zwift is free for U/16s – apply now

Before you do anything else, apply for your free Juniors account(s) today. Due to the huge COVID-19 inspired uptake in Zwift users, Zwift is taking ~7 days to manually approve free Juniors accounts.

You don’t need an adult Zwift account in order to apply. All accounts are separate.

Here’s the link to apply for free Juniors accounts.

Getting started

Getting setup on Zwift involves a few steps, but isn’t as hard as it might sound.

There are four steps to Zwifting with Neo, with detailed info below:

App installationGetting the Zwift & Zwift Companion apps installed on your phone / tablet / PC / Mac
Account setup Create a Zwift account – free for U/16s
Equipment setup Getting your indoor trainer, bike and display(s) setup
Meetups Joining our group rides or other groups

Quick start – Tips

1 If you already know your way around indoor trainers and have an awareness of Zwift, you might want to skip ahead to the Quick and Easy Solution

2 Don’t wait until you have the ideal solution. You can chop and change quite easily and improve your setup as you go. If you have the minimum requirements, you should start using Zwift now and acquire any additional gear you may want over time.

3 Zwift online resources will be best to help you set up. The purpose of this guide is to cover acquiring the right trainer for junior riders. Particularly where the adults in the family don’t already have an existing trainer set-up. – If you already have a trainer, use the one you have where possible.

If you already have a Zwift setup, skip ahead to Step 4 – Meetup & Join Neo Group Rides.

Setup process

Step 1 – Install both Zwift apps

Step 2 – Create Zwift Account(s)

Step 3(a) – Setup Trainer

Step 3(b) – Setup Bike

Step 3(c) – Setup Display Device

Step 4 – Meetup & Join Neo Group Rides

Communication Protocol

Meetup Schedule

Neo Zwift Community

Quick and Easy Solution